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  • Wood Urns

    Casket Outlet offers traditional wooden urns for sale, cherry wood urn | oak wood urn | birch wood urn | mahogany wood urn | maple wood urn | rose wood urn. Experience the savings potential when buying factory direct from us.

  • Metal Urns

    Toronto Metal Urn Outlet |  Metal Urns | Brass Urns | Bronze Urns | Dignity Design Custom Urns | Canada's Funeral Urn Specialists | Buy Burial Urn and Cremation Urn. Metal cremation urns are beautifully crafted with skilled artisans. Browse our wide selection of metal urns and brass, bronze cremation urns to find the dignity vessel for your loved one's

  • Stone Urns

    Toronto Marble Stone Urn Outlet offer Marble Urns, Granite Urns, different color stone Urns. Our marble stone cremation urns are beautifully crafted by skilled artisans. Browse our selection of marble urns and stone cremation urns to find the perfect vessel for your loved one

  • Cloisonne Urns

    Cloisonne Urn Outlet Online Store is one of Canada’s leading suppliers of Cloisonne Urns and offers them in craftsmanship, Offering free delivery to anywhere in the country.

  • Crystal Urns

    Toronto Crystal Urn Outlet has an extensive selection of tastefully designed Crystal Urns made from the highest quality of Crystal materials. We guarantee quick delivery to anywhere in Canada and provide this added service for free.

  • Ceramic Urns
    Ceramic urns selection for the very best in unique design or custom shape ceramic urn, hand made ceramic urns from our factory
  • Fiberglass Urns

    Casket Outlet | Fiberglass Urns | Robust Material

  • Bio Urns

    Bio Urn, Toronto bio urn online outlet, offer you the ability to grow a beautiful memory tree, plant from the biodegradable urn containing the ashes of your loved one.

  • Companion Urns

    Companion urns are for two persons, In many cases the urn will be for a married couple. cremation container Companion urns is intended to hold the remains ashes of two individuals, usually a couple such as a husband and wife.

  • Pet Urns

    Toronto Pet Urn Outlet is largest selection of pet urns online store, Only an animal lover can understand the sadness of losing a Friend,
    Keep your memorial for your loved pet forever

  • Metal Keepsakes

    Metal Keepsake urn Celebrating the life of a loved one. Browse Metal cremation keepsake urns selection to discover keepsakes made from bronze, copper, pewter, and other materials. Metal keepsake urns tailored to the memory of your loved one

  • Stone Keepsakes

    Stone keepsake urn outlet Toronto. The nature stone collection offer cremation ashes keepsake urns manufactured from high quality granite and marble stone.

  • Cloisonne Keepsakes

    Toronto Cloisonne keepsake Urns Outlet provide Cloisonne keepsake urns are beautiful sturdy enough for burial and display, because they are made of copper or bronze.

  • Crystal Keepsakes

    Our Crystal Keepsake Cremation Urns are smooth and shiny. Most of the funeral Crystal Keepsake urns in our collection are fashioned from best quality Bohemian crystal

  • Tealight Keepsakes

    Handcrafted of solid brass tealight keepsake urns allows a candle to be lit in their memory. Each of these tealight urns hold at least a small amount of cremated remains

  • Cremation Jewelry

    Cremation jewelry urns can be value forever, so pick a pendant that appeals to your sense. This ensure that wearing your keepsake brings memory of your loved one always

  • Bracelet Keepsake Urns

    Bracelet Cremation Jewelry Urn for ashes, Loving way to remember your always loved one. Browse finest cremation bracelet from Bracelet Cremation Jewelry Urn Toronto Outlet Store

  • Urn Vaults

    Urn Vault is a sturdy container designed to hold a single or double cremation urn which it is intended for burial. Urn Vault protects the urn for burial into the ground

  • Urn Ornaments

    Urn ornament selection for the wide selection in unique urn ornament  or custom urn ornaments, Memorial of your loved one

  • Engraving Plaques

    Engraving Plaques. Casket Outlet offer many ways to personalize your cremation memorial plaques including nameplates, Engravable urn

  • Porcelain Photo

    Porcelain Photos | Porcelain Pictures | Toronto largest, value and quality ceramic photo porcelain picture specialist, Every ceramic photo and porcelain picture is made of best ceramic material with high tech machine, Guarantee the color of photo would not be faded in cemetery.

  • Photo Frame & Holder

    Affordable Price Bronze Frame & Portrait Holder made of best solid bronze. Buy Bronze Frame & Portrait Holder Canada Bronze Frame & Portrait Holder Online Outlet Canada