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We invite you to browse through our wide selection of caskets, urns, headstones, monument, gravestone, tombstone and memorial flowers that will celebrate the memory of your late loved one with class and prestige. Casket Outlet would like to remind you that you are not obligated to buy a coffin or urn from your selected funeral home. If you pre-order your casket from Casket Outlet you will find that our prices are far more affordable than most funeral homes, which will ultimately save you money.

Find Affordable Funeral Caskets Online in Toronto and Montreal Showrooms

Browse through our selection of inexpensive caskets. Casket Outlet is focused on providing an easy shopping experience by offering a large selection of affordable funeral caskets. Visit our Toronto and Montreal showrooms to see our wide selection first hand.

Keep in mind that a funeral home is bound by Canadian law to accept any casket or urn purchased outside of the funeral home. If they charge you or your family additional fees for accepting an outside casket, they will be penalized by the law.

Casket Outlet has showrooms in both Montreal and Toronto and offers free delivery to anywhere across Canada. Contact us online today or call 905-282-0555

Casket Outlet is Canadian Company and family owned. Casket Outlet are a factory outlet store, we have successfully entered the Canada in 2008. Casket Outlet are a factory outlet store, We are not casket distributors, we are casket factory , the so-called direct marketing is direct from the factory to buy the casket, such as distributors and funeral homes.

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 Save Up to 50% - 75% than Funeral Homes 

You Never Overpay. Reliable Quality, Lowest Price, Wide Selections, Best Services.

$4,000,000 liability insurance protects your rights & our quality.

You are under no obligation to buy caskets or urns from the funeral Home. In Canada, the law protects the consumer by allowing you to purchase funeral items, such as caskets, from a source other than the funeral home.

Funeral home cannot:

- Refuse to accept a casket or related funeral merchandise, which purchased elsewhere.

- Charge additional fees for receiving caskets.

- Increase any service fee, which is itemized on their written price list.

- Treat you or your family any different than if you had purchased a casket from the funeral home.

For more information, please contact Board of Funeral Services (Ontario):1.800.387.4458 or Ontario: click here, Other provinces: please click here


No, and Casket Outlet Offers an Even Better Alternative 

Casket Outlet is committed to providing a trouble-free shopping experience by offering a large selection of products – all priced much lower than funeral homes. Did you know, in Canada the law protects consumers by allowing you to purchase funeral items including burial caskets from a source other than funeral homes? 

Moreover, a funeral home is not allowed to refuse a casket or funeral related merchandise that had been purchased somewhere else. They are not allowed to charge you or your family additional fees for accepting a casket or increase the service price of the funeral because of it. 

A funeral home will treat you or your family no different than if you had purchased a casket from them. 

Buy Direct from Casket Outlet and Save Money on Your Funeral Costs 

Browse through our selection of caskets, urns and memorial flowers to find the perfect match for you and your loved one. Remember, you are not obligated to purchase a casket or urn from a funeral home. Instead, select and pre-order your casket from and save up to 75% compared to funeral homes. Plus, we will deliver it there for you free. 

Read Casket Outlet's section about funeral home sham discounts to familiarize yourself more on your rights and choices as a consumer. 

Casket Outlet has showrooms in both Montreal and Toronto and offers Free Delivery to anywhere across Canada. Help & Contact online today or call 905-282-0555.


Our caskets & urns are made from the finest materials with the care and detailing that only hand crafting can create. Each casket is individually constructed by a group of highly trained and dedicated craftsmen. The love of their profession shows in the careful details of every casket they construct. From extensive kiln-drying through meticulous matching of wood grains to painstaking hand finishing and polishing, every step is performed with the skill and love of an artisan. The result is that every casket is as beautiful and unique as a piece of fine furniture.


Affordable Quality Casket and Urn. Casket Outlet Offers Even Better Alternative and best quality caskets and urns. Casket Outlet provide different craftsmanship styles and pricing level of the Canada funeral caskets and urns, All caskets were respected for deceased. According to different materials, different high workmanship of casket were divided into several models, when the family in the choice of casket, according to the liking of individuals, such as... READ MORE

Prestige Caskets

Hard Wood & Metal Caskets

Casket Outlet's caskets are made from the finest materials with the care and detailing that only hand crafting can create. wood urn Browse through our selection of Wood Caskets, Metal Caskets, Cremation Caskets, LifeTunes, Head Panels to find the perfect match for you and your loved one.

Wood Caskets and Metal Caskets


wood caskets and metal caskets

Eternity Urns

Quality & Unique Urns

Casket Outlet offers many choices of shapes and styles, Such as: Wood Urn, Metal Urn, Cloisonne Urn, Crystal Urn, Stone Urn, Ceramic Urn, Bio Urn, Fiberglass Urn and Pet Urn. We offer Companion Urn, Keepsakes, Urn Ornament and Engraving Services as well.We invite you to visit our online selection where we are sure you'll find a "one of a kind" urn to memorialize your loved one.

Cremation Urns


urns,cremation urns

Unique Monuments

Quality & Unique Headstone, Grave Markers

Quality & Unique HeadstoneGrave Granite MarkerBeveled (Pillow) Granite MarkerGranite Slanted Marker, Bronze Marker, Monument, Tombstone, Ceramic Photo, Porcelain Photo, Bronze Vase, Stone Vase, Bronze Lantern. Casket Outlet offers many choices of shapes and styles with wholesale price monuments Canada Headstone Factory Direct. Save Up to 75% than Cemetery. Celebrate the Beautiful Life Late loved Ones with Exquisite Factory Direct Legacy Monument, Cross Shape Monument, Statue Monument.

Monuments, Headstones, Grave Markers


monument, headstone, grave marker

Artistic Flower

Flower Outlet - Concept Florist

Flower Outlet Store is owned and operated by Casket Outlet. Carefully designed respect for your loved one. We offer professional service with our designer and serve you best. All of Flower Outlet original products are locally designed, professionally prepared by hand, and reliably florist delivered.

Funeral Flowers


flower, funeral arrangement, sympathy flower, funeral flower

Financing Service

Casket Outlet offer financing service

Our special financing has many perks to ease your financnial stress. urns
- $1000 - $5000 MORE

Reliable Service

- Free Shipping to your local funeral home or home, anywhere in Canada. No hidden fees or postage.
- Your casket is insured against damage and is guaranteed to arrive on time directly to your funeral home. We will clean our product before delivery.
- Your satisfaction is our top priority. If a product does not meet your expectations, simply return it and we’ll give you full money back.

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Financial Post introduce Casket Outlet

Think outside the box. If you don’t care either way — well, you are dead — you can get a basic container, an eco-friendly fiberboard shell with no exterior or interior finish, for about $400. Visiting a local casket retailer or online wholesaler may be cheaper than buying from the funeral home. Casket Outlet in Mississauga, for example will ship a casket to your Canadian funeral home for free and prices range from $490 to $2,780.

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In an unprecedented hidden camera operation, the program "J.E." unveils the commercial practices of funeral homes. Hidden fees, inflated bills and rebate system: how can the customer avoid the pitfalls, and lower his bill? Here are tips often overlooked and unveiled by the contributors who participated in the show.

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