Pre-Planning - Monuments

There are many reasons as to why you should pre-plan your memorial headstone. This process allows you and your loved ones to purchase and design your headstone prior to one passing away.

You will be able to select the style, size and color you prefer as a family, and will be designing your layout that reflects your family as a whole based on values and beliefs. Thus giving you the satisfaction that your pre-planned memorial headstone is completed with the interest of all the members of the family. This process is much less emotional as you can create and design your headstone while members of your family are still present. You will be able to lock in today’s prices as the cost of a monument will increase overtime. The costs tend to go up 5 to 10% every 1 to 3 years, thus meaning in roughly 10 years the cost can nearly double. What we need from you? All you need is to pay the full deposit and we will ensure the stone will be ordered and in stock at all times as we provide free storage for 20 years. The headstone will not be created until we get permission from you. All paperwork will be completed.