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Porcelain Photo, Ceramic Picture specialist

Toronto largest, value and quality ceramic photo porcelain picture specialist, Every ceramic photo and porcelain picture is made of best ceramic material with high tech machine, Guarantee the color of photo would not be faded in cemetery.

Our photoceramics are uniquely composed of a complex mixture of frits and inorganic pigments offering permanent proven durability. They are fired in kilns reaching temperatures over 1600° F.

Unconditional Guarantee for Solid Porcelain

We believe that it is generally understood that a photoceramic composed of specific fired frits & inorganic pigments are permanent; however, should any photoceramic need replacing because of fading or deterioration caused by weather exposure, we will replace it with another photoceramic of the same specification at no charge. This excludes photoceramics subject to vandalism or deliberate defacing.

Complete Unconditional Customer Satisfaction

Should any of our photoceramics not be entirely satisfactory to your customer, please fax/email. Preferably notify us within 30 days of receipt. Please include your order number and our shipping date or invoice date along with a brief description of the dislikes/complain etc. We will be happy to provide you with a new photoceramic at no cost. The original picture or photoceramic is not required.

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