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Peaceful Place (COM-LEGACY-029)

Meet You At The Gate (COM-LEGACY-009)

Cloud In The Sky (COM-LEGACY-030)

Heaven's Gate (COM-LEGACY-003)

Times Gone (COM-LEGACY-005)

Highland Hill (COM-LEGACY-031)

Midland Hill (COM-LEGACY-032)

Blessing Land (COM-LEGACY-033)

Royal Palace (COM-LEGACY-035)

Miss You (COM-LEGACY-036)

Castle In The Sky (COM-LEGACY-037)

The True Meaning Of Life (COM-LEGACY-014)

Love I Can Show (COM-LEGACY-015)

Angel's Wings (COM-LEGACY-016)

Memory Library (COM-LEGACY-018)

Have Come And Have Gone (COM-LEGACY-019)

Memory Forever (COM-LEGACY-020)

Forever (COM-LEGACY-021)

Always (COM-LEGACY-022)

At Home (COM-LEGACY-027)

My One And Only (COM-LEGACY-040)

Love Find Away (COM-LEGACY-041)

Love Can't Be Described (COM-LEGACY-042)

Church (COM-LEGACY-043)

In Her Care (COM-LEGACY-044)

Simplicity Cross (COM-LEGACY-045)

Palace In High Lard (COM-LEGACY-046)

Were There (COM-LEGACY-049)

You Are Not Leaving (COM-LEGACY-050)

Simple (COM-LEGACY-054)

Family (COM-LEGACY-053)

Thinking Of You (COM-LEGACY-055)

Gone But Not Forgotten (COM-LEGACY-057)

Sun In The Sky (COM-LEGACY-066)

Story (COM-LEGACY-061)

We Are Together Forever (COM-LEGACY-067)

Back To Start (COM-LEGACY-059)

Royal Villa (COM-LEGACY-068)

Voyage (COM-LEGACY-069)

We Loved You All (COM-LEGACY-024)