Pre-Planning - Caskets

Many people feel uncomfortable just thinking about funeral arrangements, let alone calling up a funeral director and making pre-arrangements for all. Pre-planning your funeral gives you and your family peace of mind, in so many ways. However, pre-planning and pre-arranging your funeral offers

you and your family many advantages:

• You can rest assured that your personal wishes will be carried out

• Your arrangements will reflect your beliefs, tastes and values

• Your family won’t have to make difficult, last minute decisions during an already stressful time, because every detail has already be taken care of

• Thanks to pre-payment, your family won’t be left wondering if they’re “spending enough” or how they will pay for the funeral. Everything will be already paid for.

• You save money, by paying and locking in at today’s prices Whether you prefer a religious service and traditional burial; a memorial service and cremation; or any number of the different personalized options available today, pre-planning your funeral gives you and your family something you can’t put a price tag on peace of mind.

The process of arranging a funeral can be very stressful, with your mind quite distracted as you mourn the death of a loved one.

There will be guaranteed financial difficulties when it comes to funeral planning. There are always alternatives that you can consider as you’re expecting such occurrences. At Casket Outlet, we offer pre-planning. which means selecting the most appropriate casket that fits your preference/financial situation. All you have to do is put the total deposit for any of our products years in advance. We ensure your file will be on record and your money/product is 100% protected. This method guarantees today’s price and protects you from any sort of rise in pricing/ inflation. This is the smartest way of funeral planning, a little bit of burden will be off your mind during stressful times; avoid funeral homes, choose Casket Outlet.