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Weeping Angel (STATUE-1)

Weeping Angel

Mother Mary Blessing (STATUE-2)

Mother Mary Blessing

Angel Of Love (STATUE-3)

Angel Of Love

Jesus And Mary (STATUE-8)

Jesus And Mary

Double Angel With Love (STATUE-7)

Double Angel With Love

The Angel Promising (STATUE-15)

The Angel Promising

Angel Hugs Your Love (STATUE-10)

Angel Hugs Your Love

Angel's Tear (STATUE-11)

Angel's Tear

Angel Beside You (STATUE-16)

Angel Beside You

Your Guardian Angel (STATUE-17)

Your Guardian Angel

The Angel Praying (STATUE-19)

The Angel Praying

Connecting With Angel (STATUE-12)

Connecting With Angel

Angel Hugs For You (STATUE-18)

Angel Hugs For You

Mother Teresa (STATUE-20)

Mother Teresa

Love You Forever (STATUE-21)

Mother Teresa

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