Add Letters For Existing Monument (Headstone), Grave Marker In Cemetery

If you had a headstone already in the cemetery that needs new lettering added, Casket Outlet Monument can help. An inscription is one of our many memorial services we offer. We can add names, dates, descriptions and additional design work to any existing Monument(Headstone). We will provide you with a free estimate.

Our team of talented craftsmen will match any existing size and format. To guarantee accuracy, we will go in the cemetery first to inspect your family monument. All monuments are inspected by measuring every letter, number and length to ensure complete accuracy. Our craftsmen are highly skilled with use of hand tools and will make sure your memorial, will look exactly as expected. We have various methods to create new lettering for your headstone, including sand blasting or etching by hand.

All engravings are done on site without ever having to remove your Monument (Headstone) from the cemetery. Tracings of the existing letters, are used to make sure there is room for new headstone lettering. We also use the tracing, to create an exact match of the letters on the stone. Once the existing stone has been evaluated, we can show you how it will look and get started right away. All lettering is cut as deep as possible to provide years of visibility for generations to come.

Once the lettering meets your approval, our team of professional headstone engravers can begin. After careful observation of the lettering, the carvers will coat the areas with filler, to seal any small cracks in the granite or marble. Next a stencil of your lettering is placed over the material, followed by our special sand blast technique, which gives the letter depth. We will carefully measure the depths of each letter to ensure they’re all equal.

Upon completion of your restored Monument (Headstone) or grave marker, we will contact you to confirm satisfaction. Its an honor to serve you and your family and help preserve headstone by providing exceptional monument restoration services.

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