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Standard Shape Headstone(COM-SSH)

*We can make customize size

Light Gray
Dark Brits
Tropical Green
Bahama Blue

Premium Color:

India Red
Blue Brits
Premium Color:
Blue Pearl
Base: 24"x14"x6"or 8"
Base: 30"x14"x6"or 8"
Base: 30"x14"x6"or 8"
Base: 30"x14"x6"or 8"
Base: 30"x14"x6"or 8"
Base: 36"x14"x6"or 8"
Base: 36"x14"x6"or 8"
Base: 42"x14"x6"or 8"
Base: 42"x14"x6"or 8"
Base: 48"x14"x6"or 8"
Base: 48"x14"x6"or 8"
Base: 54"x14"x6"or 8"

* 8"H base will be added $100 more.

Pricing includes:
- Create & Modify Layout
- Lettering (sandblasting)
- Carving (sandblasting)
- Delivery(GTA area)
- Installation(GTA area)

Customer Service:
- We contact the cemetery to ensure your headstone meets their requirements
- We'll even complete the necessary cemetery paperwork for you - no extra charge
- The headstone will be personalized to your specifications:
Customer Choose Stone Color, Size & Design. Provide Lettering Content
Customer will receive a proof showing the design, lettering & dates - we won't proceed until you approve it
- Production lead time is 8-12 weeks once cemetery & customer approval is obtained (color and size of stone in stock)

A. Choose Stone Color (Select from website)
B. Choose Size of Headstone(We will contact cemetery to confirm)
C. Select Design from Design Catalog(Select from website)
D. Lettering Content (Customer Provide)
E. Designer will create layout and send to customer for approval
1. Original Photo

Customer provide quality photo (COM1704597)

2. Layout

C.O.M. make layout for approval (COM1704597)

3. Finished Work

Done the impact etching work on headstone (COM1704597)

1. Original Photo

Customer provide quality photo (COM369)

2. Layout

C.O.M. make layout for approval (COM369)

3. Finished Work

Done the impact etching work on headstone (COM369)

1. Original Photo

Customer provide quality photo (COM436)

2. Layout

C.O.M. make layout for approval (COM436)

3. Finished Work

Done the impact etching work on headstone (COM436)

Headstones, Grave Granite Markers Produce Policy

- Granite Markers, Headstone(Upright Monuments) have a usual production lead time of 8-12 weeks from the time we have proof from Cemetery and a signed layout proof from the purchaser. The customize shape or size(legacy,statues,cross which we don't have in stock) of headstone have to take more than 12 weeks.
- Special order granite marker (Color, Size) requiring excessive customization or revisions will add on to the lead time. Lead times are tentative and subject to change. Additionally, production is halted for a 2-4 weeks period over the Christmas/New Year holiday thus adding 2 weeks to production for orders that carry over during this period. All produce and lead time count has be started when stone arrived in our workshop.

Headstones, Grave Granite Markers Shipping Policy

Most grave markers containing granite weighing in excess of 150 lbs are shipped via freight carrier and must ship directly to the cemetery or a business address. It is important that the delivery destination be properly equipped to off load the granite memorial otherwise it cannot be delivered there. Granite grave markers weighing less than 150 lbs may be shipped either by freight carrier or UPS at our discretion. If tailgate service is required at the point of delivery, additional fees will be incurred.
Granite headstones and grave markers will only be delivered to cemeteries or businesses which are staffed with a crew equipped to properly receive these types of memorials. Casket Outlet will not deliver memorials to unattended cemeteries or businesses. Furthermore, we cannot schedule a delivery time or request a phone call from the delivery company to the destination point prior to delivery.
When a headstone or grave marker is ordered with selected delivery to a cemetery, our office will contact the cemetery to ensure the memorial meets their requirements. We must obtain written approval from the cemetery that the memorial meets their requirements and that they will accept delivery before the memorial will be scheduled for shipment. If the cemetery approves the memorial but, will not accept delivery of it, we may at our discretion assist the customer in locating a memorial installer to accept delivery and assist with installation. It is the responsibility of the customer to pay for additional fees incurred by this method.
If customer opts to have the memorial delivered to a destination other the cemetery and we have no way of verifying its acceptability by the cemetery, then customer assumes all responsibility for insuring the memorial meets the requirements of the cemetery where the memorial will be placed.

Headstone Warranty
- We certify that Casket Outlet company will replace without additional charges to any memorial markers should it naturally crack, discolor, or becomes defective due to natural causes. This warranty completely covers all aspects of the monuments produced by Casket Outlet, which includes granite, finishing, sandblast, etching, and sculpting only due to natural causes.
- Casket Outlet is not responsible under any circumstances for any damage to or staining of the memorial resulting from acts or omissions of any kind other than acts or missions of Casket Outlet covered by this warranty. Casket Outlet is not responsible for cleaning accumulated dirt or other material coming in contact with the memorial or their effects, vandalism, theft, war, flood or other acts of environmental or atmospheric conditions, or the act or omission of any party including the purchaser.
Cancellation Policy
- Returnable within 15 Days(count from your order date), full money back guaranteed
- Returnable within 7 Days(count from your order date), full money back guaranteed (legacy,statues,cross,customize shape or size)
- You can not cancel order after 15 days(for standard shape monuments or markers) or (7days for legacy,statues,cross,customize shape or size of monuments and markers)(count from your order date) or after proof the final layout. We will charge the penalty fee and full price for products if you have to cancel the order with any reason.

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