Single Grave Bronze Marker

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Bronze Marker (COM-BM-001) (For Single Grave)

Customer Service:

- We'll even complete the necessary cemetery paperwork for you - no extra charge
- You will receive a proof showing the design, lettering & dates - we won't proceed until you approve it
- Production lead time is 8-12 weeks once customer & cemetery approval is obtained.

Bronze Price:
16" x 10"$850
18" x 9"$870
20" x 12"$1050
22" x 10"$1050
24" x 12"$1200
24" x 14"$1300
24" x 18"$1500
24" x 30"$2500

Bronze Granite Base Price:
16" x 1020" x 14" x 4"$1000
18" x 9"24" x 13 " x 4"$1050
20" x 12"24" x 16" x 4"$1200
22" x 10"26" x 14" x 4"$1200
24" x 12"28" x 16" x 4"$1300
24" x 14"28" x 18" x 4"$1400
24" x 18"28" x 22" x 4"$1600
24" x 30"28" x 34" x 4"$2700

Bronze Vase Price:

Pricing includes:
* Family Name & Dates (One or Two Persons)
*25 Characters of Inscription.
Additional Characters:
English Character: $5/each
Asian Character: $70 - $200
Arabic Character: $70 - $200
*One Design in Design Catalog (Free)
*3 Emblems in Emblem Catalog (Free)
Customize Emblem (additional cost, contact us for quotations)

Price does not include cemetery installation/maintenance fees

classic rose 1
classic rose 2
classic rose 11
classic rose 21
country dogwood2
country dogwood3
country rose2
country rose3
ivy 2
ivy 12
ivy 21
mapel leaf 1
mapel leaf 11
oak leaf 21
oak leaf 23
petite rose2
petite rose3
pine bough1
pine bough2
wheat spray 11
wheat spray 22
Emblem Catatlog Download

Download Emblem Catatlog

Loose scrolls are used on a pre-need basis (persons not deceased). The purpose of the loose scroll is to allow information to be added to the memorial at a later date. If one person has deceased at the time of ordering the memorial, often that scroll would be uni-cast to the memorial background, and you would choose a loose scroll for the non deceased person, so that information can be added at a later time. Please note: there are additional charges for loose scrolls.

Date Tab: $165 Order Online

Scrolls: $250 Order Online


Bronze Markers have a usual production lead time of 8-12weeks from the time we have proof from Cemetery and a signed layout proof from the purchaser. The customize design have to take more than 12 weeks.
Including but not limited to bronze grave markers, memorial plaques, scrolls and vases without granite product lead time is normally 8-12 weeks upon approval of layout proof unless otherwise stated on the product's page. If layout proof is not offered then lead time is 6-10 weeks from the time the order is placed and we have all the information needed for production. Finished product is shipped via UPS, Purolator, FedEx or similar delivery service. Expected delivery time is usually 5-10 business days depending on final destination.
customize design marker (Color, Size) requiring excessive customization or revisions will add on to the lead time. Lead times are tentative and subject to change. Additionally, production is halted for a 2-4 week period over the Christmas/New Year holiday thus adding 2 weeks to production for orders that carry over during this period. All produce and lead time count has be started when stone arrived in our workshop. tative and subject to change. Additionally, production is halted for a 2-4 week period over the Christmas/New Year holiday thus adding 2 weeks to production for orders that carry over during this period. All produce and lead time count has be started when stone arrived in our workshop.


Most bronze markers with granite base containing granite weighing in excess of 150 lbs are shipped via freight carrier and must ship directly to the cemetery or a business address. It is important that the delivery destination be properly equipped to off load the granite memorial otherwise it cannot be delivered there. Granite grave markers weighing less than 150 lbs may be shipped either by freight carrier or UPS at our discretion. If tailgate service is required at the point of delivery, additional fees will be incurred.
Granite headstones and grave markers will only be delivered to cemeteries or businesses which are staffed with a crew equipped to properly receive these types of memorials. Casket Outlet will not deliver memorials to unattended cemeteries or businesses. Furthermore, we cannot schedule a delivery time or request a phone call from the delivery company to the destination point prior to delivery.
When a headstone or grave marker is ordered with selected delivery to a cemetery, our office will contact the cemetery to ensure the memorial meets their requirements. We must obtain written approval from the cemetery that the memorial meets their requirements and that they will accept delivery before the memorial will be scheduled for shipment. If the cemetery approves the memorial but, will not accept delivery of it, we may at our discretion assist the customer in locating a memorial installer to accept delivery and assist with installation. It is the responsibility of the customer to pay for additional fees incurred by this method.
If customer opts to have the memorial delivered to a destination other the cemetery and we have no way of verifying its acceptability by the cemetery, then customer assumes all responsibility for insuring the memorial meets the requirements of the cemetery where the memorial will be placed.

1. Original Design

Customer provide design (COM418)

2. Layout

C.O.M. make layout for approval (COM418)

3. Finished Work

Finished Job (COM418)

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