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How Bronze Grave Markers are Made?

Casting the Bronze Memorial Plaque

Bronze grave markers are made from the alloy bronze which is composed of copper and tin with small amounts of lead and zinc. When grave markers are produced from bronze, a sand mold of the bronze plaque complete with lettering is set up and prepared for pouring. Bronze ingots are placed in a crucible or pot and melted under intense heat, usually around 2000 degrees, and then the molten bronze is poured into the mold.

Chasing the Bronze Plaque

After cooling, the bronze markers go through a process called chasing. The chasing process consists of removing imperfections by lightly grinding the bronze plaque until the desired surface texture and shape is achieved. The worker will then define any areas of detail that might not have transferred well in the casting process.

Finishing the Plaque

The worker will then apply several coats of oxidation (paint-usually dark brown) to the bronze plaque. Once the oxidation is dry, he will (using a solvent) rub areas of the bronze grave marker, removing the paint and exposing the top edge of the letters and sculpted design features to reveal the natural bronze coloring. This provides a beautiful contrast to the dark brown background. After the details are complete, a lacquer coating is applied to provide the final finish.

Assembly to a Granite Base

The finished bronze plaque is then secured to a granite base, usually 4" thick, with brass hardware. When the bronze plaque is securely mounted on to the granite, the two most durable materials are combined for timeless unity. The finished product is a bronze grave marker which will stand as an everlasting tribute to a loved one who has passed.

Bronze Grave Markers are usually available with an assortment of beautiful designs to choose from. All adult bronze grave markers can be further personalized by adding an emblem or two and an epitaph.

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