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Gravestone Delivery Issues

Cemeteries throughout the country vary in how they operate and deal with gravestones purchased from outside dealers. Therefore, it is imperative that the monument dealer you use contacts the cemetery to verify that the gravestone meets the cemetery requirements before putting it into production. In addition here are some facts to consider regarding certain delivery situations.

Cemetery Applications, Setting Permits and Authorization Forms

These are various forms one of which may be required by your cemetery for the placement of a headstone on the grave. These documents normally call for information regarding the specifications of the gravestone and sometimes a drawing. They may also request information about the monument dealer who is selling the headstone to you. Finally the lot owner or next of kin may need to sign the form authorizing the placement of the memorial.

If your cemetery requires one of these documents your monument dealer should acquire it from them and fill in the details pertaining to the memorial specifications and monument dealer information. Monument dealers should have no problem taking care of this type of paperwork since they deal with many of the cemeteries on a regular basis.

Catholic Cemeteries

Catholic cemeteries are maintained by the Catholic Diocese. These cemeteries typically require an application/permit to be submitted for the installation of a memorial. Their rules are usually stringent and almost always require a Christian symbol such as a cross, image of Jesus or a saint to be presented on the gravestone.

Rural Cemeteries

These are cemeteries in outlying towns and rural areas. Most of these cemeteries do not have a business office and are not maintained by a full time grounds crew. If you are ordering from an out-of-town monument company such as Casket Outlet, then an alternative point of delivery may be necessary .

Business Deliveries

If the cemetery is not capable of receiving the shipment, the headstone may be delivered to a local business. It is important that the business accepting the delivery is capable of receiving the shipment from a freight truck. This may necessitate having a loading dock or fork lift to offload the heavier types of gravestones. Many of the smaller gravestones can be offloaded by hand, that is two sets of hands one being the truck dirver's.

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