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Q: Compare Wood and Metal Casket?

A: Internal Furnishings

Both wood and metal can be adorned inside with a variety of furnishings. This category is basically the same for both casket types. In most cases, any furnishing that can be added to one can be added to the other. The internal furnishings come down to a matter of personal taste and preference. External Appearance


Wood tends to have a 'warmer', more traditional appearance. It also tends to be more elegant, less flashy appearance. Wood can be adorned with almost any type of external decorations that you might desire.


Metal tends to be 'colder' and have a more austere appearance. It also tends to be preferred by a more progressive customer with somewhat flashier, more modern taste. Metal provides an advantage over wood in this category in that it can be molded and stamped with almost any type of design that one might desire for the eternal resting place of your loved one.

Environmental Concerns

Wood Caskets

Wood can be designed in such a way that it will last a very long time, but will ultimately break down and return back to natural elements in the soil. Metal implements such as hinges, nails, rails, and corner barriers can all be replaced with environmentally friendly alternatives such as glues, pegs, joints, and other nature friendly fasteners and connectors. However, if being environmentally friendly is not a primary concern, wooden caskets can be treated and constructed to last almost as long as metal caskets. Although, wooden caskets will ultimately return to the earth as its ecological basic components while metal caskets may contain components that could take much longer to fully decompose.

Metal Caskets

Metal takes much longer to break down and return to ecological basics than wood. If you are looking for protection then metal is the obvious choice. It can be coated with a variety of chemicals to prevent rust and corrosion and it can also be hermetically sealed to provide the maximum amount of environmental protection for your loved one. Also, the level of protection can be selected because metal caskets can be made from various thicknesses of metal ranging from 14 to 24 gauge metals. It can also be designed to be crush proof and almost completely impervious to outside forces.

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